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Which One Should I Use – Lady-Comp or Baby-Comp?

Baby-Comp is an FDA approved device that can help you conceive a child without dangerous hormones or their side effects.

Many women have the dilemma between purchasing the Baby-Comp and Lady-Comp. They both look the same but there is one major difference. Ultimately your purchasing decision should be based on what your requirements are.

The Baby-Comp device is similar to the Lady-Comp, but has an added bonus feature for ladies wanting additional help in planning their family. It has some extra functions like timing for conception, sex prognosis and can even indicate the best days for male and female gender selection (that’s right – apparently with an accuracy of about 70%).

For those of you that are not sure if you need the additional programming provided by the Baby-Comp, or are just wanting to use it to avoid pregnancy, then the Lady-Comp should be chosen. The reason this decision is not vital for those that are still undecided is that both birth control and ovulation recording devices are identical except for this additional programming. If, at a later date, you desire to have this additional help in the planning of your family, it can be added to your existing device via an upgrade.

Simple To Use

It is so easy to use the Baby-Comp for family planning. The main requirement is that your basal body temperature is taken every day. This has to be done before you get out of bed and should be at roughly the same time each day. This is one of the reasons the Baby-Comp has an alarm on it. This will help to produce consistent data so the best possible set of results can be obtained.

By placing the temperature probe under your tongue for 30 seconds, the data necessary for the Baby-Comp calculations is completed. This daily reading is then combined with the historical data already in the device, so the most accurate result on when you are ovulating can be made. This calculation will be made and is accurate for the next 24 hours.

A Safer Alternative To The Contraceptive Pill

The reason more and more women are choosing the Baby-Comp and Lady-Comp devices as a family planning and contraceptive tool is to take care of our bodies. By taking the hormonal pill, you are attempting to regulate your reproductive organs all month long. This is not necessary since a woman only has a 96 hour window each month where she can conceive a child. While an egg can only be fertilized for up to 24 hours from the time it is dropped into place, sperm is viable for up to 6 days after intercourse.  

6 Day Projected Readings

The active 6 day life span of sperm is why the Baby-Comp results are projected up to 6 days in advance. If and when you desire to become pregnant, intercourse should occur for up to 6 days before the ovulation process begins. This will maximize the number of sperm present your reproductive organs and, as such, will increase the chances of conception.

Accuracy & What The Indicators Mean

The accuracy of the Baby-Comp and Lady-Comp devices as a contraceptive device was tested at 99.3%.  There are three indicators which both devices use:
If you are trying to become pregnant, then you should have sex when the light is either yellow or red. This will not guarantee you will become pregnant, but the odds are in your favor.

Safeguards – Keeping Your Information Safe

The Baby-Comp might be an electronic device, but safeguards are in place so the data stored in its memory will never be lost. This includes if the battery cells are dead or have been removed. Once it is there, the data is safe. Up to 700,000 cycles can be stored and retrieved from your device. All these safeguards are to ensure the Lady-Comp and Baby-Comp devices help you make the family of your dreams.

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