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Lady-Comp Baby-Comp Fertility Monitor Lady-Comp Baby-Comp Fertility Monitor Lady-Comp Baby-Comp Fertility Monitor


Trying to get pregnant?
Can’t take the pill?
Want to stay away from drugs and other toxic methods?

If you are looking for a 100% natural way to track your fertility cycle, predict ovulation, prevent pregnancy or increase your chances in conceiving then the Lady-Comp fertility monitor is for you!

Your Body and Your Cycle

Did you know that you only have a small window of opportunity (usually only a couple of days each cycle) where all the conditions are right to fall pregnant? And it is not as simple as estimating the middle of your cycle (for example day 14 as many people suggest).  Every woman’s cycle is different and if you want to exceptionally increase the likelihood of falling pregnant it is vital to get to know your body and its individual cycle.
Fertility Cycle
(Image sourced from Functional Diagnostics Nutrition Menstruation Cycle and Its Phases)
Basically your cycles consist of 2 phases. The first phase, known as the follicular phase, starts with day 1 of menstruation and leads into your fertile period and ovulation. The second phase, known as the luteal phase, starts from ovulation and lasts until the start of your next menstruation (you are infertile during this phase and cannot fall pregnant). In the right conditions (when you are within the fertile period of the follicular phase) sperm can survive up to 5-7 days before fertilizing an egg at ovulation.

Fall Pregnant Easily and Naturally

Knowing exactly where you are within your cycle will dramatically increase your chances of falling pregnant or can be used as a natural form of birth control.

And with the help of the Lady-Comp fertility monitor predicting your ovulation is easy! No more messy note taking or guessing only to be left confused once again. All you need is 30 seconds per day.

With the introduction of the Lady-Comp fertility monitor, you can increase your chances of becoming pregnant naturally. This is an all natural product that requires no drugs to take, absolutely no side effects to those that use it, and no chances of a mother’s breast milk being affected. The Lady-Comp fertility monitor uses a woman’s temperature to gauge where she is in her ovulation cycle.

How To Use Lady-Comp

It is so easy to use! All you need is 30 seconds first thing in the morning to take your temperature with the Lady-Comp. You can take it either orally or vaginally – don’t worry its safe and easy to do. 

After 30 seconds the light will turn green, yellow or red:
The Lady-Comp device has the ability to store up to 700,000 cycles (that’s more than a lifetime’s worth!), allowing the device to learn just what pattern each woman has. This is important since no two women are exactly the same. By taking and recording your temperature, Lady-Comp will recognize if and when you are ovulating.

Natural Family Planning and Natural Birth Control

There are two reasons women use the information provided by the Lady-Comp device. It can be used as a substitute to the dreaded hormonal birth control pills, or other means of birth control. It can also help ladies who have found it difficult to conceive a baby without assistance.

As a birth control device the intelligent Lady-Comp learns your ovulation cycle, which can take some time, for complete accuracy. Once it knows how your body functions, the accuracy is 99.3% (compared to a 92% success rate of the birth control pill).

The time to get the Lady-Comp up to speed and as accurate as possible is dependent on the information you provide the device. As an electronic programmable device, if you have kept records of your ovulation and menstrual cycle through other Natural Family Planning techniques, you can input the data in your Lady-Comp before you start using it so it can learn your body’s function faster. There is enough space to provide up to a year in the past before you decided to use this birth control device.

Check out the video below to find out more about how the LadyComp is a great natural form of birth control:

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Safe and Reliable

Studies that were conducted on the Lady-Comp birth control device, and from the ladies that have used it, have shown that this is a safe and reliable method to track and predict your fertile phase and ovulation (so you can know if you can become pregnant or not on a particular day). This device is set to be on the safe side and helps you to prevent unwanted pregnancies. So, if you miss a day or two of recoding your temperature, the chances of the device giving you a yellow or red indicator light increases.


The Lady-Comp birth control device has been around since 1986. It was developed by a team of gynecologist to help women understand their menstrual and ovulation cycles. This device is constantly being updated, enhanced, and improved. When a major upgrade takes place, a new electronic chip is required, not an entirely new device. This allows for the users to only have to make one purchase for the time they are sexually active.

Highest Level of Accuracy

The Lady-Comp birth control device is the most advanced device of its type with the highest level of accuracy on the market. There are no pills or hormones yet you will always know if you are fertile and have the possibility of falling pregnant when daily readings are being done.

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